At the top of the old town of Miravet stands this impressive fortress of Arab origin. Erected by the Muslims in the 9th century, the castle was one of the last Islamic redoubts of Catalonia. In 1153 it was occupied by Count Ramon Berenguer IV who gave it to the order of the Templars. In this period it was enlarged, giving it the image that, broadly speaking, has reached to our days. Early in the 15th century, with the dissolution of the Templars, and after a long siege on the part of the real troops, passed to the Knights Hospitallers. Due to its strategic situation, it still enjoyed a leading role in different historical moments such as the “Guerra dels Segadors” (Reapers´ War) (1640), and the Succession (1701-1715) or Carlist wars of the 19th century. The fortress consists of different enclosures, in which the courtyard and the Romanic chapel stand out. From the castle you get a wide and wonderful view over the Ebro river meanders when passing through Miravet.

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