The “Centro de Interpretación de las Voces del Frente” (Voices of the Front Interpretation Centre) is located in Pinell de Brai and is one of the points that make up the tourist route running through the main stages of the Ebro Battle.

It is an exhibition and audio-visual assembly that explain the importance of messages and propaganda during the episodes of the Spanish Civil War that took place in the “Terres de l'Ebre” region. It analyses the lines of communication by the Popular Army of the Republic and Franco´s Army and also the incidence of the media in the creation of opinion in the rear-guard and in the country as a whole.

“Voices of the Front” is a sample that complements other points linked to the history of the Spanish Civil War in the “Terres de l'Ebre” region, such as the Corbera d'Ebre Interpretation Centre or the memorial of Camposines, in the municipality of La Fatarella.

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