Centro Histórico de Batea


Aside from being a village with a strong wine tradition, it is also one of the most heavily loaded in the history of the “Terra Alta”. Batea has an old urban centre with a magnificent medieval trait, with porches and arches where it is still possible to imagine the wall that surrounded it in past times. It’s Main Street, with porches and arches propped up from the 14th century. In this street is the “Centro de Interpretación Hospitals de Sang” (Blood Hospitals Interpretation Centre), which is part of the Ebro Battle Area.

Worth noting is the church of Sant Miquel, an interesting baroque-neoclassical building, built in the 18th century. Among the remains of the walls, one can see the entrance doors, such as the Portal de l'Àngel, the Cal Llarg and the Sant Roc façade, where the chapel of the Mare de Déu del Portal, built in the 17th century, is located. Take advantage of the visit to Batea to get to know your wineries first hand!

Plaça de Catalunya, 1, Plaça Catalunya, 1
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