Feria del Aceite Novel, de los Cítricos y del Comercio


The Santa Bàrbara Plain is also known as the olive oil plain or the sea of olive trees due to the great amount of trees of this type that are cultivated on it. In fact, it is a traditionally agricultural town, dedicated mostly to the production of oil. This is the reason why the `New Olive Oil, Citrus and Commerce Fair´ is celebrated since 1997. On the third weekend of November, the moment when the first new oil traditionally leaves the press, this fair is celebrated, where the main producers of the region meet.  In parallel, the Gastronomic Days of the Olive Oil Kitchen are organized, in which the village restaurants offer tasting menus with local oil and citrus. In addition, you can also enjoy cultural activities such as exhibitions or music concerts.

Santa Bàrbara
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