Fiestas de la Plantada del Arroz


The “Fiestas de la Plantada· (Plantation Feasts) generally take place in the month of June and are the first of a cycle of celebrations dedicated to the rice that ends with the “Fiestas de la Siega” (Harvest Feasts) celebrated habitually at the end of September. The Rice Plantation Feast seeks to recover, through the staging of how this agricultural task was carried out in the 19th century, some of the typical cultural manifestations of the Ebro Delta. The celebration is completed with music and traditional dances of the area, such as the “jota” and with traditional games and popular food in which you can taste the best rice recipes of the Delta.

Patronat de Turisme de les Terres de l'Ebre. Carrer de Montcada, 32
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