Meandro de Flix


The interior stretches of the Ebro river offer a series of natural treasures, sometimes little known. Some of the best preserved riverside forests are found in the Sebes Wild Wildlife Reserve, in the municipality of Flix. Its groves, dominated by poplars, holm oaks and black poplars and the lagoon of the reserve are home to a large number of birds, including the stork and the marsh harrier, a bird of prey characteristic of the marshes. We can also contemplate the horses, which arrived from the French Camargue, and now graze between the marshes. In order to be able to observe the fauna and the flora in detail, the space has bird gazebos and elevated passages over the riverside forests, with small signalized itineraries. In addition, a walk through the wooden walkways installed between the trees allows observing a panoramic view of the meander of Flix with spectacular sunsets.

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