Museo del arroz Molí de Rafelet


Immerse yourself in the history of rice cultivation in the Ebro Delta, in its culture, its artisan tradition and in a world of culinary sensations that give off the typical rice of the Ebro Delta: "Molí de Rafelet rice".

During the visits to the Molí de Rafelet wood mill, the cultivation, the process of elaboration, the packaging of the rice are presented, as well as its preservation and the ways of cooking the different rice varieties, like Bomba, Marisma, ecological…, the different typical rice dishes, like the paella, the “arroz a banda”, white rice, rice salads, risottos, desserts…

The visits are made for people, groups, schools, retired ... anyone who wants to enjoy a unique experience in the Ebro Delta. 

Carrer Sant Roc, Carrer Sant Roc, 8
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