Poblado Ibérico del Castellet de Banyoles


6 km west of Tivissa, it is one of the most important and extensive Iberian deposits in Catalonia, and part of the Route of the Iberians.

The village not only stands out for its size, but also for being located in a privileged place from where you can see magnificent panoramic views of the region, for including the Tivissa Treasure.

The settlement is located in a strategic point of control of the Ebro river, from where it dominates the “Cubeta de Móra”. The place on the left bank of the Ebro river and on a large terrace or peninsula responds to an enclave of trade control between the coast and the interior across the Ebro river, where the Greek and Phoenician settlers sailed in search of grain, wood and metals.

41.061599, 0.668103
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