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Agrícola Sant Domingo de Rasquera

Plaça Maria Foix, 3, 43513 Rasquera
977 409 363

Agrícola Sant Domingo, SCCL, was founded in 1946. It is a cooperative dedicated mainly to the production and sale of extra virgin olive oil. Its organizational culture is based on the following values:

- Honesty, which is demonstrated in the final price of our products, always offering the best possible quality oil at a reasonable price.
- Transparency, which is demonstrated in the delivery to partners of truthful information about the progress and closure of campaigns.
- The will to serve, offering complementary services to agricultural activity.
- Fidelity, which is demonstrated in three ways: in the face of the producing partner, because we build a long-term relationship with him, based on mutual trust; in the face of workers who are not members, because we are committed at all times to maintaining these jobs, and in the face of our customers, because we offer them the lowest possible price.
- Consistency, which is demonstrated by the fact that all our actions are in accordance with these values.

Agrícola Sant Domingo de Rasquera differs from its competitive environment in the following aspects:

- Proximity service, offering a home delivery service
- The quality of the oil, the result of the geographical and climatic conditions of the territory, the rejection of the olives that are not of good quality, also highlighting the technique of cold pressing.