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Ca La Leonor

C/ Ferreries 12, 43785, Bot
687 051 588

Stone and wood, excitement, renovation, warmth and hospitality, tradition, simplicity, comfort, details. Your house, Ca La Leonor. Aromas and smell from before, as always. Sensations, senses, wake up! Placid water of the Canaletes, vital artery, transparent pools. Greenway, backbone, landscape, splendor.
The Ports, oxygen, life, mountains, rocky peaks, embraced by the clouds, we pinch the sky, bulls. Oil and wine, gold and blood. Garbí and cerc, air and wind. Carpet of vines, greenery, ocher, magenta, in autumn. Centennial olive trees, silver leaves, tasty fruit. Flowering almonds, pure, white married. A wish. Listen! It is the sound of silence!