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Carnisseria del Paulo

C/ Vint-i-set, 8, 43894, Camarles
977 470 045

Carnisseria del Paulo was founded in 1910 by his grandmother "Paula", being the first butcher in the town of Camarles. Like many of Delta's businesses, the initiative came from a woman, her drive and vision for the future, who started this business that has been passed from parents to children, and which today is run by her great-grandson Armand Curto Salvadò with the his wife Quimeta Calduch Monteverde. Its beginnings were in the town of Camarles, where the butcher’s and workshop are still located today, although they also have establishments in Deltebre and Tortosa.

Sausages from the past continue to be made in the Paulo butcher’s shop, following the good work of Grandma Paula and incorporating today’s machinery and utensils.

With Armand, butcher-charcuterie and Quimeta, butcher-bacon maker, and with a hundred years of experience in the trade, we can be sure that it is an establishment that offers us an extensive range of products of remarkable quality, reasonable prices. and served with the sympathy and family treatment that will be given to us by the employees of the different establishments, directed and supervised by the owners and their daughter Gloria, the new generation.