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Carns Querol

Pl. Església, 3, 43560 La Sénia
977 713 184

The "Casa Bellón" trade is run by the fifth generation and if the young Joan continues the path of his ancestors it will be the sixth.
"From the Center for Elderly Studies we believe it would be a shame not to collect the memories that still remain in the memory of some people of events that occurred nearly two hundred years ago, as is the case of the family known as" that of Bellón house ".
"Mr. Ramon was so soon able to buy a large piece, it is assumed that when the goats and sheep were large they put the butcher to sell the meat. The butcher settled in the house which for a time was known as "Madrilenian house" and later like house of Pepita "engerrera".
"Young people should know that before the cold rooms were turned upside down, the toxin shop only killed toxins and never when it was hot and that in butcheries only cattle, goats and sheep were killed in the past and more recently goats and lambs." .
".... now they continue with all the products they made and made in the same way - sausages, sausages, sobrasada, white sausage, black sausage, etc."