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Celler Jordi Miró

C. Sant Marc, 96, 43784, Corbera d'Ebre
629 602 354

Celler Jordi Miró is Jordi Miró's personal project that has its origins in 1999 in the town of Corbera d'Ebre, in the Tarragona region of Terra Alta. Miró began his first steps in the world of wine in 1992, in the lands of the Penedés, putting into practice everything he had learned from his father when he was a child.

His father Miguel had learned, at the same time, from his grandfather Jordi, the first member of the family to plant a vineyard. But Jordi was annoyed that all the family work and effort ended up in the village cooperative and he decided to distance himself from the family tradition and throw himself into the elaboration of his own wines. In 2009 he decided to create his own winery and launched the first brand on the market. Works the varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo.

Miró flies alone but has always been advised by a group of friends, such as agronomist Sisco Blanch on how to design the way vineyards are planted; by the English viticulturist Shaun Pentecost on how to work the vineyard and by the oenologist Ignasi Carsi, a key person in putting the wines that Miró imagines into practice.