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Cooperativa de l'Aldea

Avda. Catalunya, 224, 43896 L'Aldea
977 450 455

Agrícola Catalana de l’Aldea, Societat Cooperativa Catalana Limitada, is, as its name suggests, a company with the legal form of a first-degree cooperative. Its main activity is agriculture. And within the whole chain of agri-food production of fruits and vegetables for fresh consumption. The main business activities are, among its associated farmers, to promote cultivation practices and production techniques, being sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, receive, transport, industrialize, condition, conserve and market, in l 'wholesale and retail, vegetables and other products obtained on the farms cultivated by their said agricultural partners.

The marketing of vegetables is done once conditioned and prepared to be shipped to any part of the world, ie in wooden or cardboard box format depending on the product and usable only once, with all the guarantees of the use for food products. At present, there is a local sale, the seal of the Generalitat de Catalunya “Venda de proximidad” is available for this purpose, and there is also a wholesale sale in markets throughout Catalonia, Spain and other countries. , such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, among others.

The brands used are:

- Ibertdelt
- Petit Català