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Donum Deus

C/ Canvis, 1, 43785, Bot
977 428 022

Our product is used in the slaughter of wild goat game in the Ports of Tortosa - Beseit, from a company dedicated to this activity since 1990. This product, marketed through our brand DONUM DEUS ®, is characterized by being local (Km 0), framed within the philosophy slow food, 100% natural and green animals feed in freedom and in the wild, having not been, at any time, subjected to medical treatment and / or or pre-mortem feeding) and limited (since a small number of permits are authorized by the competent administration each season).

Slaughtered animals will always be at least eight years old, up to fourteen. Its meat does not suffer any kind of stress prior to consumption. From its nutritional analysis derive important and special characteristics (rich in Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin B12, almost without total fat or saturated fatty acids) that make it ideal and highly recommended for a consumer aware of healthy meat and highly controlled traceability. .

In parallel, we are also actively collaborating with the research and teaching sector, having signed various agreements to this effect with Cooking Schools and Research Entities.