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C/ de la Verge, 6, 43782, Villalba dels Arcs

n the line of Improving the quality of wine and following the path of the "wine culture" that is gradually being implemented in our country, this project began as producers and producers with the concern of obtaining products of quality.
Due to the demands of the market and in order to achieve these quality products, it was proposed to carry out a comprehensive action project, both from the point of view of wine and oenology, as well as ecological and biodynamic.
We carry out the production and bottling of exclusively organic wine obtained from the transformation of different varieties of red and white wine that have been grown following the advice of the biodynamic calendar and respecting all natural systems and biological processes.
In our beginnings, we started with a single room, where we performed the whole wine process. Today, our winery has four different areas according to their functionality. In the first building, there is the main room to carry out the reception of the grapes and the elaboration of the wine, next to this room is the storage room where the wine is conserved and next there is another space with the barrels and the tasting area. Finally, on the second floor, we carry out the labeling and storage of the bottles.