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Espuny Ramaders

Ctra. València, 72, 43520, Roquetes
670 242 137

They are a family farm in Terres de l'Ebre, where we work for two generations, with 25 years of dedication to the breeding of suckler cows, the fattening of the young and the production of fodder.
The work system is tied to the land, is sustainable and cares about the environment. Because we like nature and respect animals and the environment, we raise cows with great regard for food and their welfare.
The herds have been grazing for many years in the Ports and now also in the Serra de Cardó-Boix, where they clean and maintain the undergrowth.
Calves accompany mothers up to 6 months and feed on their milk and pasture, fattening is still done outdoors, without prey, on the family farm, with feed based on their own fodder and cereal mixture.
The fact of being outdoors and with ground to move favors the exercise of the cows and calves, which brings them well-being as well as a better quality of their meat, and is that when moving, the fat of the animals it infiltrates better into the meat, favoring its enhancement of color, flavor and tenderness.