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Fontet Cítrics

Ctra. Nova, 0, 43530, Alcanar
977 730 829

Daniel Fontet S.A. We are a company with more than 40 years of experience selling fruit and vegetables wholesale, especially working for Spanish distribution chains. An adventure that began in 1974 Daniel Fontet Matamoros, following an incessant evolution to become a benchmark for marketing, both in terms of domestic market and European market.

Our core business is citrus, as we work in a privileged area, especially for mandarins, in the southern part of Catalonia / northern Valencia, although we also have extensive experience in handling and selling other items, such as watermelons, melons or peppers.
Despite the increase in turnover, our company has always been based on the added value that gives experience and a taste for a job well done, prioritizing quality and a vocation for customer service.

The production and marketing of fresh citrus fruits, vegetables and greens by the company Daniel Fontet S.A. it dates back to 1974. Since then, the continuous presence of its fruits in the national and European markets allow to have a long experience in these products.
That is why, in addition to continuously researching into the improvement of fruit presentation and optimization of the production plant, the main objective has been to ensure the quality of the product we supply to our customers.