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Fruites i Verdures Rams

Mas de Carrasca, 1, Pol. 25, Parc. 152, 43870 Amposta
977 700 467

Fruites i Verdures Rams S.C.C.L. is located in Amposta, in the heart of the Ebro Delta surrounded by rice fields, orchard fields and fruit tree farms.

It was born as a company in 1978 due to the need to open a market for products grown in our counties due to the demands of a growing national market.

Over time, this family business that began as an agricultural warehouse where farmers brought their products to be marketed, expanded its activity to export these products to countries such as Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Norway , Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Canada ...

The commercial relationship of Fruits and Vegetables Bouquets with Caprabo dates back to 2004, as the only suppliers of string beans and occasionally other products such as zucchini, artichokes and cauliflower.

Our commitment to quality and our seriousness have once again enabled Caprabo to place its trust in us in its initiative to promote the product of our land.