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Fundació Plegadis

Partida Casablanca, polígon 11, 31, 43540, Sant Carles de la Ràpita
607 311 717

The Plegadis Foundation aims to promote the volunteering of the territory in order to preserve and conserve the environmental values ​​of the environment, recover the system of traditional, ecological and sustainable agriculture and livestock through the work of the land via smallholdings, as a way of life for people. It also wants to recover and maintain land especially important for biodiversity and human customs and traditions, while providing and actively participating with the custody of the territory. Another of the objectives of the Plegadis foundation is to promote the scientific study of all disciplines in order to bring value and innovation to science and knowledge of the environment and its biodiversity, as well as to ensure the preservation and continuity of species. threatened by the flora and fauna of the environment. Develop responsible tourism and experiences that highlight the richness of the territory and bring visitors closer to discover the traditions, unique trades, gastronomy and KM0 products of the territory. Recover, through projects, workshops and publications, the values, arts and crafts that are in danger of being lost in the not too distant future. Advise and help the different institutions of the territory in the preservation of the environment. Disseminate all kinds of studies related to the environment and biodiversity, with special attention to the recording of photographs and videos of the environment and finally, promote actions related to the treatment of invasive species (flora and fauna) that may affect native species.