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Grup de Natura Freixe

Travessia Llevant, 11, 43750, Flix
685 670 693

The birth of this project is the result of an initiative that the Grup de Natura Freixe promoted in 2008 in collaboration with the Fundació Biodiversidad and the Fundació Catalunya-la Pedrera.
The abandonment of many farms, the sale of centuries-old olive trees, the change of variety and crops and methods of exploitation have meant a remarkable and progressive impoverishment of the territory, with the degradation of its characteristic landscape and the loss of habitats and biodiversity, both in crop fields and in transition areas with the protected wetlands of the Sebes Nature Reserve.
This project was set up to try to reverse this dynamic and promote traditional agricultural and livestock uses from a model farm, the Mas de Pitoia farm (owned by the Fundació Catalunya-la Pedrera), creating a network of good environmental practices. "in the environment of the protected area through land stewardship agreements with farmers in the area.
This has allowed the creation of a quality brand of organic oil Oli del Mas de Pitoia, which aims to promote organic farming and good agricultural practices in the territory, encouraging farmers in the area to join the initiative, promoting new alternatives for their olive cultivation.
The ecological oil of Mas de Pitoia controls both the olive production process and the subsequent production of the oil, carrying out all the processes using traditional methods, totally sustainable and respectful of the environment. .
In fact, the resulting organic oil is an extra virgin of the highest quality, made with the oldest artisanal system: crushing the olives with granite stones, the first cold pressing, and the separation of oil and vegetable water from natural form by means of settling piles. In addition, the olives used to make this oil are mostly from the "graft" variety native to the area and come only from farms located in the vicinity of the Sebes and Meandre de Flix Nature Reserve.