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La Rasquerana

Ctra. El Perelló, s/n, 43513 Rasquera
607 435 535

The idea came from the family in general, as entrepreneurs and eager to do things. The fact of being a family that has been dedicated to the commercial sector, made us decide on the project as potential customers already knew us before.

The first campaign started in 2007 and with the success of it we were forced to expand. It has been a very ambitious project where we wanted to offer a quality service such as the procedure we are carrying out with the designation of origin "Willow Leaf", a native variety that favors the microclimate of the Ribera 'Ebre (Tarragona), a variety that we are exporting to other countries both in Europe and abroad. In addition to producing other varieties such as "Arbequina" and "Empeltre". From here, we have created an Agrobotiga in order to sell exclusive products: oils, wines, cava, honey…

It is a family business in which we aim to offer a good product with the seriousness that characterizes and guarantees us. We are currently in a phase of both commercial and industrial expansion. Sang de Catalunya symbolizes the genuine taste of willow leaf olives, a native product of the lands irrigated by the Ebro and sheltered at the foot of the Serra de Cardó. Its sincere and genuine taste evokes the authenticity of a unique olive variety from our rasqueran corners and the cordial and friendly character of our plantations.