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C/ Arnau Jardí, 70, 2º - Bítem
649 477 911

We are a family-run company with a long history of growing citrus and extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. We are fully engaged in the production and online sale of our products.

We have the Integrated Production Certificate which certifies that our production and processing system for our agricultural products aims to obtain the highest quality food while respecting the environment.

The citrus farms of Licarfruit are located in Bitem (Tortosa) where its climate, location and sun, is ideal for giving a higher precocity and quality to the fruit compared to other areas of the country. We pick them ripe on the tree and on request, so we guarantee that once they are harvested on the tree within 24 hours, they are at the address of our customers, without going through the camera or wax. They are selected and we take care of the packaging, differentiating the presentation a lot.

We take a guided tour of the farm and the warehouse and you can pick oranges and tangerines and taste our products.