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Mel Muria

Avda. Catalunya, 23, 43519 El Perelló
977 490 034

Mel Muria, the most popular name of S.A.T LIMITADA APÍCOLA EL PERELLÓ 1363-CAT, we are a company that has been working with bees for 6 generations. There is written evidence of our activity since 1810, passing from generation to generation.

Today, at Mel Muria we continue to do the traditional transhumance following the different blooms of our territory in order to achieve the highest quality natural products such as honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly.

The main activity of our company is the production, packaging and marketing of honeys (rosemary, orange, thyme, thousand flowers, etc.) that produce our livestock facilities. We currently have over 2000 moths. The honey we produce, marketed under the Mel Muria brand, reaches all over Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

Our honeys are of extraordinary quality, backed by numerous awards won in various national and international competitions.

From 1999, from Mel Muria we set up a beekeeping museum with old tools, used to work honey, various documents related to the history of beekeeping production in Terres de l'Ebre, and the popular and well-known “source of honey”.

All in all, it adds value to our company, complemented by the initiative of guided tours of the museum, field trips to learn about the life of bees, and the organization of educational workshops aimed at disseminating everything around the curious world. of bees and honey. In this sense, visits are organized for schools, travel agencies, associations of the elderly, women's associations and other groups.

The solidarity aspect of the company MEL MURIA is expressed in the constant collaboration with non-profit organizations and NGOs. However, the company’s presence and participation in fairs and conferences both nationally and internationally is constant.

From August 2011, MEL MURIA undertakes another challenge: the commissioning of the MURIA Apicultural Interpretation Center.