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Nou Moderno

c. Sant Llorenç, 17, 43782, Vilalba dels Arcs
977 438 204

Heir to the long tradition of the Bar-Restaurant Moderno in the same village, the Nou Moderno was born with the vocation of opening the jar of the essences of the Terra Alta to all its visitors.
For three generations we have been dedicated to hosting and welcoming those who want to enjoy the products and environment of this dry and dry but also grateful land, like its people.
Nou Moderno is the little brother of Bar Moderno, a place opened by grandparents Jepo and Roseta, almost 50 years ago. Rosa, Roseta's granddaughter, together with Teresa, her mother, are the cooks in our house. Teresa brings experience and wisdom in the preparation of classic Terra Alta dishes, examples are omelette juice, clotxa or beef fricandó, an original recipe from Grandma Rosa. La Rosa gives a sigh of inspiration to our menu, with updated reviews of dishes made with local products, cuisine with touches of fusion and tasting menus paired with Terra Alta wines. Fun dishes that are both honest and respectful of the product and the environment in which they have been grown.
Wine, essential elements of the culture and socio-economic development of the region, is also a star product in our house. As a peasant family we defend the presence of the wines of the village and the D.O. that protects it.