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Nova Devimar, S.L.

Barranc de Sant Pere, s/n, 43895, L'Ampolla
977 460 054

The core business of Nova Devimar, S.L. is the purchase, purification, conditioning and marketing of molluscs from the Bays of the Delta de l'Ebre, both the Bay of Fangar and the Bay of Alfacs, as well as other geographical areas producing mollusks. The main activity is carried out mainly with local produce, such as muslco and oysters, when it is in production. When we are out of the production season of the two Bays of the Delta de l'Ebre, we purchase the product from external suppliers. The mussel we work with comes from the two Bays named above, while the curly oyster comes exclusively from Fangar Bay.
Different formats are used for the packaging of both products, depending on the product and the customer's demand, such as porex trays, meshes, sacks and wooden boxes.
The purification process is considered a PPCC and for this reason our company is equipped with the best technology for disinfection and water treatment, both for the purification process and for the handling and cleaning process.
Since its inception, Nova Devimar promotes the differentiation of the mussel rock of the Ebro Delta, known scientifically as Mitylus Galloprovinvialis, as well as the curly oyster, known scientifically as Casostreagigas, ahead of the productions of other geographical areas.