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C/ Pont, 6, 43750 Flix
977 410 600

Oliflix is ​​the passion for our roots in the cultivation and artisanal production of extra virgin olive oil, as a natural product. We try to be faithful to our ancestors, with their wisdom and good workmanship, in the cultivation of organic olive trees and the craft of making them. It is the result of a whole young and dynamic team with the illusion of sharing our work for the maintenance of the traditions in the elaboration of the oil to the purest artisan system.

Next to the mill we have recovered the traditional systems of elaboration of the olive oil, being fruit of this work an extra virgin olive oil of first pressure in cold elaborated in the purest artisan style with stones of granite and presses hydraulic.

At the same time, and following this same line, we make natural table olives, also in an artisanal way and with the ingredients that nature provides us.

We also have an organic variety of both cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and natural table olives. These varieties come from organically grown olive trees, to which no pesticide or synthetic fertilizer is applied.