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PLÀNCTON,Divulgació i Serveis Marins -Servei Turístic-

C. vint-i-tres, 284, 43860, l'Ametlla de Mar (Urbanització Les 3 Cales)
977 457 741

The activities we offer are:
-Guided snorkeling routes: Guided snorkeling excursions from the beach from the age of 7. The outings are guided by monitors specialized in marine biology and oceanography who give an educational talk before entering the water where the fauna and flora characteristic of the place are explained and where indications are given to be able to distinguish them within the water. After the talk and already fully equipped, the route takes place in the sea, always with the guide that helps to identify the animals and plants that have been talked about before. The guide ratio: customers, is 1: 5, usually. L'activitat es fa en 4 idiomes diferents: Català, anglès, francés i castellà. It lasts 2 hours and the price includes: the specialized guide, the necessary equipment and an underwater photograph.
-Bio-Diving: Baptisms, outings and bio-diving courses. Biobusseig is a different way of understanding diving in which special emphasis is placed on explaining and showing the fauna and flora representative of the area, as well as transmitting basic sustainable diving guidelines that will help minimize the impact on the environment. marine derived from the practice of the activity.
-Biocaiac: Joint activity of snorkeling + sea kayaking. Leaving the Estany beach, you sail south for about 2 hours. Arriving at the beach of Estanya Podrit, you will dig the kayak for snorkeling equipment and after a short talk on the local fauna and flora that can be found and its characteristics is a guided tour of one-hour snorkel. At the end, and after the small snack, you return to sailing at the starting point.
Duration 4-5 hours. The price of the activity includes all the material: wetsuit, glasses, tube, kayak, vest, bathtub cover. Monitors specialized in falling and snorkeling.