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Rústiques Faiges

C/ Observatori, 10, Roquetes
652 802 331

With the experience accumulated by three generations of the Faiges family dedicated to the production, packaging, marketing and export of olive oil, Rústiques Faiges represents the seal of proximity of the Ffaiges company.

A business group founded by Francisco Faiges Ribas that accumulates a century-old history linked to oil and earth from the humblest origins.

Our journey began with small olive groves and selling oil in bulk locally. Today we take care of the entire process of oil production, from the collection of olives on our olive groves, to the extraction, packaging and proper processing of waste, an expression of our ecological commitment. and social.

From 1963, with the opening of the first warehouse of Olis Faiges SA in Roquetes, until 2018, with the inauguration of the new oil mill of Rústiques Faiges also in Roquetes, our background in the oil sector it has led us to acquire prestigious brands and to build new facilities to meet the needs of the market both nationally and internationally.