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Serveis Agraris Maiva

Avda. Aragó, 19, 43786 Batea
615 243 136

Serveis Agraris Maiva we are a company set up in 2008 by Mr. Josep Mª Maijó Vallespí.

The company was born with the aim of meeting the recent demand for agricultural services in rural areas in the area of ​​Terra Alta, Baix Aragó, Matarranya, Ribera d'Ebre, etc ...

Az-Azeytun arises from the initiative of a young entrepreneur son of Batea, Abel Maijó, born in a peasant family. As a child, Abel learned to work and appreciate the land, the vineyard and the olive groves. He studied viticulture and, with the good knowledge taught to him in school, his grandfather and father, he dared to become a farmer and businessman cultivating his own land.

Az-Azeytun extra virgin olive oil is obtained from a land of olive trees from the Arabs, as the name of this extra virgin olive oil indicates and that is how the Arab writer Al-Idrisi (10th to 12th centuries) went to call the “land of olive trees” or “province of oil”, which was the territory furrowed by the valleys of the rivers Ebro, Segre and Cinca.

Respecting the environment and modernizing crops to adapt them to market demands, Abel has created Az-Azeytun, an extra virgin olive oil obtained by mechanical procedures directly from freshly harvested olives from olive trees super-intensive young people located in the upper part of the Venta de Sant Joan estate, in the municipality of Batea (Tarragona).

The location of the farms, the dry climate of the Terra Alta, the special care of the cultivation of the young olive trees and the harvest at the right time, make the Arbequina olive obtained of the highest quality and exceptional taste.

We can appreciate all these factors in the tasting of the extra virgin oil Az-Azeytun, awakening all the organoleptic senses.

Olive oil is the star product of the Mediterranean diet, bringing great benefits to our health and an exquisite taste to all foods and recipes.