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Xavier Torà Margalef

C. Pelayo, 5, 43748, Ginestar
628 577 948

Craft brewery located in Ginestar, on the left bank of the river Ebro in the region of Ribera d'Ebre, and which opts for combinations of malted to find a perfect balance between the two ends of the scale of tastes and flavors.
Ginesart is a registered trademark of craft beer in Ginestar (Tarragona) owned by Xavier Torà Margalef. The name of the brand, is also that of the population changing place the letter "t", and a pun between Gines - art (Ginestar-Artesanal). It is a company created in March 2011, with previous experience in own and for friends.
We brew ale and wheat beers, completely artisanal, with small quantities, with care for quantity and detail.
We are currently in the process of drafting the project to build a new brewery in Ginestar itself, in another area of ​​the village. It will be a workshop with tasting area and shop, where we will hold tastings, talks, guided tours and other events, at the same time we will increase the production capacity from 3500l to 48000l of beer and from 1000l to 7000l of beer liquor. This expansion is due to the fact that in the current workshop we have reached the maximum production capacity, and we have more demand that we currently cannot serve.
Currently 60% of the production is sold in the province of Barcelona and Girona, through a distributor, the remaining 40% is distributed directly by us as follows: 20% in agro-shops and shops in Terres de l'Ebre and 20% remaining directly in the workshop and at fairs.
Ginesart craft beers, beers made entirely by hand in the workshop we have in Ginestar, are characterized by their fruity flavors and reminiscent of the flavors of beer that were consumed in the past. It is made with local water, which represents 92% of the beer.
They are high-fermentation beers, without filter or pasteurization, made by hand based on natural products without additives or preservatives.
We bet on the mixture of malted looking for a balance between the 2 ends of the scale of tastes.
We sell 4 varieties of beer throughout the year: Authentic, Illusion, Weiss Illusion and Raure. We also make seasonal beers, a special edition of 3 products, made for gastronomic events in the area: Honey Illusion, made every year for the Firabril del Perelló. Fosqueta, Tril.lita and Cirera made for the Raure de Ginestar Fair in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 editions.
The presentation is in 3 formats of disposable glass container of 330cl, 500cl and 750cl.
We also make the first and only craft beer liqueur on the market created by us. It is an amazing liqueur, reminiscent first of a sweet wine, then well the body of the beer and finally a slight bitterness in the beer. It is brewed with our beer. Its presentation is a format of disposable pottery container of 500cl in black and mechanical cap.