Camí de Sant Jaume a l'Ebre, etapa 6: Gandesa - Fabara


Camí de Sant Jaume a l'Ebre, etapa 6: Gandesa - Fabara

29,30 Km

At the entrance to Gandesa, we follow the St. James pilgrim symbols that the council has placed around the town. We follow them through the main square and all the way down to the lowest part of the village, where cattle breeders and industrial farmers have built their agricultural warehouses. We then take the road that leads to Nonaspe and goes through a small valley. After approximately 2 km, a completely restored monument of a cross found on the left signals that we must abandon this road and continue along a road that departs towards the mountain on the same side. The path continues along small valleys and streams until a farmhouse is visible. It is not necessary reach it since the route takes another path to the left some 300 m before. We ascend up this path to a high plateau along which we will walk for a good stretch, passing between grain fields, vineyards and pine forests.

At the end of this path, we find an intersection with a large sign that offers instructions to pilgrims together with geographical and historical information. A bit further ahead, a long descent begins down a ravine, until reaching, after several kilometres, the Algars river, which acts as a border between the provinces of Tarragona and Zaragoza and in turn, Catalonia and Aragon. On the other side of the water, on the upper part, several agricultural buildings are visible and lead to the town of Fabara on the other side of the hill.

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