Estels del Sud, etapa 3: Beseit - Refugi Font Ferrera


Estels del Sud, etapa 3: Beseit - Refugi Font Ferrera

21,42 Km
7:00:00h - 8:00:00h
1.160m - 620m

In order to complete this stage we have two options. The “easy” option, suitable for everyone, is to follow the GR 8 and that can also be shortened by taking the Clot de Maçana path. The other option is a starred route that goes via Gúbies del Parrissal (which we shall now describe) and on which we must take care with the Pas del Romeret crossing.

For the first half of this leg we go upriver along the valley of the Matarraña river, leaving Beseit on a trail that takes us to El Parrissal.

Where the trail ends, a pretty path that runs parallel to the river begins, in parts made up of elevated walkways that save us from getting our feet wet.

The whole time we are surrounded by tall cliffs and slender needles.

Upon arrival at Gúbies, we have two options, depending on the level of water at the time and how much we want to get wet.

The easiest option, water level permitting, is to continue along the river and cross the strait. The landscape here is impressive, the rock faces are more than a hundred metres in height on both sides and form a cathedral-type formation which makes us feel very small.

The other option is the Pas del Romeret crossing. Before arriving at the strait, a trail branches off to the left. We ascend around a hundred metres, which will leave us sweating, but also able to enjoy some spectacular views. One must pay attention on the way down as there are some straight drops which can be dangerous. In these sections we must make use of the steps and the rails that have been installed at the most exposed passages. This route is not recommended for people who suffer from vertigo or those who don’t have experience with this type of terrain.

Once on the other side of the strait, we continue upstream until just past the Pont de la Guimerans (which is not in fact a bridge, but a mountain pass) where a trail branches off to the right taking us up to the Barranc de la Coscollosa. We’ll pass various yew trees, one of which is of monumental proportions.

At the exit of the ravine, right after a small lake, we shall meet the Ruber meadows and the nicknamed Chalet del Rey [The King’s Villa]. From here on, following a stretch of various paths and trails through pine forests, we arrive at the Refugi Font Ferrera.

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PN Els Ports
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Estels del Sud
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Estels del Sud
Source: [1] Generalitat de Catalunya. Palau Robert (trobades al Wikiloc)