Estels del Sud, etapa 5: Nou Refugi Caro - Paüls


Estels del Sud, etapa 5: Nou Refugi Caro - Paüls

22,86 Km
8:00:00h - 9:00:00h
870m - 1.300m

During this stage you should carry sufficient water as, although there are springs, they are slightly to one side of our path. We leave Refugi Caro by a tarmac path, veering left in the direction of Coll de la Carrasqueta. At the intersection, take the trail that branches off to the right (the Mascar forest path).

We keep going along the trail until we meet the coloured markers (red and white) of the GR 7, we continue along the trail until finding the GR 7 path on the left hand side (which we shall follow as far as Paüls) meeting the trail that goes from Mascar to Les Foies.

Take extra care as bulls frequently graze in these fields. From there, passing through the Coll d’en Caubet and the Coll de Carabasses, we arrive at the Refugi de les Clotes (unmanned) - a lovely spot to stop and have a rest.

We continue along the GR to the Coll dels Eriçons and the Rases de Marraco. Close to the Espina we pass the Colls d’Alfara and the Enrajolada. By keeping to the GR we’ll pass the Coll dels Ginjolers, go through Els Puchol and head towards the Coll del Camp.

In the distance we will be able to see the Roques de Benet, a view that will accompany us for a good part of the following stage. We keep going down towards the Sant Roc recreation area, where you can get water before reaching Paüls in 20 minutes.

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Natural area: 
PN Els Ports
Baix Ebre
Terra Alta
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Estels del Sud
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Estels del Sud
Source: [1] Generalitat de Catalunya. Palau Robert (trobades al Wikiloc)