GR92, etapa 31: Amposta - Pont de l'Olivar (Ulldecona)


GR92, etapa 31: Amposta - Pont de l'Olivar (Ulldecona)

25,43 Km
875m - 742m

The last stage of the Catalan part of the GR 92 is comprised basically of the Montsià mountain range crossing. This massif is well known and frequently walked by people from the neighbouring areas who are well aware of the interest it holds. However, it is still relatively unknown for people from more distant regions. The GR 92 is therefore a good way to discover it.

Another interesting option is to do the route in the opposite direction owing to the spectacular contrast that appears on La Foradada mountain, where the sea suddenly appears ahead after a difficult climb through the interior.

Although the stage may seem a bit long, you can make shortcuts if you have suitable means of transport available to you. For example, you can begin at the junction of the N-340 road, KP (Kilometric Point) 4,900 of the trail. It is also quite common to finish in Ulldecona, cutting out half an hour from the total time. KP 17,800 of the trail is also accessible by coach.

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Source: [1] Nando Moneda (obtingudes del Wikiloc)