GR99, etapa 38: Flix - Móra d'Ebre


GR99, etapa 38: Flix - Móra d'Ebre

25,93 Km
721m - 733m

The Flix tow-boat crossing, one of only two operating on the Catalan stretch of the Ebro, allows one to cross over to the left bank of the river. We leave the centre of Ascó and Mas de Serraneta farmhouse to enter Vinebre, before returning to the right bank of the river over the Ascó bridge.

On leaving the village, the Barberos path allows you to flank the Pas de l’Ase, a vertiginous ledge atop of a rock face, and down to Mora d’Ebre via a zig-zagging descent. Edging along the island and the abandoned meander of Subarrec is the starting point of the Ebro Islands Protected Natural Park, stretching all the way to the town of Mora d’Ebre.

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Ribera d'Ebre
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Source: [1] Panoramio. Autors: Jordi Domènech [2] Avel·lí Pérez i juliome