Itinerari Els Estrets (anar i tornar)


Itinerari Els Estrets (anar i tornar)


In addition to making up part of the Els Ports Natural Park and the Natura 2000 Network, Els Estrets is also a refuge for wild fauna and a designated area of Geological Interest. The estate is owned by the Obra Social branch of CatalunyaCaixa. In the buttes and rock walls nest birds of prey and we can also find different species of the rupicola plant. The presence of a permanent water course means that it is possible to find fish and invertebrates here that we cannot encounter in other parts of Els Ports.

We recommend starting the trail in the area of La Franqueta, or if you prefer a shorter trail, in the Lliberós car park. The route doesn’t present any difficulties as it is completely flat. The only thing to bear in mind is to plan for the return leg as the route is linear.

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PN Els Ports
Terra Alta
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Parc Natural dels Ports
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