Ruta Amposta - Ullals de Baltasar - L'Encanyissada - Casa de Fusta


Ruta Amposta - Ullals de Baltasar - L'Encanyissada - Casa de Fusta


We start the route at Amposta’s Tourist Information Office (km 0). With the Ebro on our left, we go straight along Avinguda Sant Jaume. After 150 m, having crossed the N-340 bridge, we turn right and continue straight ahead in the direction of Sant Carles de Ràpita turning left 400 m later, abandoning the tree-lined road and continuing for 60 m along a dirt track that starts to our right (km 1.4). We follow the dirt track, sharing the landscape with small vegetable patches, before encountering the first rice fields of the route. After 2.5 km, when we see a large eucalyptus tree next to a farm, we turn over a bridge (km 3.9) to the right. We keep going for 600 m, where we then turn left on to a dirt track that, after 1.1 km, leads us to Els Ullals de Baltasar (km 5.6).

Los Colmillos are freshwater springs born from water filtered down from permeable karst rocks in the Ports de Beseit and the Serra del Montsià mountains. The flora here is very peculiar, particularly the stunning water lilies. In addition, the water is home to various species of fish, such as the stickleback, the Valencia toothcarp and the Cobitis paludica. We leave Els Colmillos and keep going until we meet the source of the Acequia del Inglés dike (km 5.9). We keep going, with the dike on the left hand side and the Amposta to Ràpita maritime canal road behind us.

After 1.2 km, we turn left, crossing the Inglés dike by bridge. 100 m further on, we turn right on to a dirt track that runs parallel to a drainage canal and continue for 2.4 km. During this long stretch we’ll have a good view of the Serra del Montsià mountain range until reaching the TV-3406 road that connects Ràpita with Sant Jaume d’Enveja. We cross carefully and continue straight ahead for 500 m where we meet the path that allows us to turn left linking us with the Encanyissada bike lane, 400 m ahead (km 10.5). At this point, we meet “The Lagoon Route” itinerary. If we continue straight ahead for 1 km we can link up with Itinerary 7, the “Sant Carles de la Ràpita-Vilacoto-Casa de Fusta” route. We continue along the Encanyissada bike lane. After 2.5 km we arrive at the Carreter lookout point (km 13). We keep going straight ahead for 1 km before arriving at the Casa de Fusta, the Park Information Centre and one of the Delta’s most emblematic buildings. It also hosts an exhibition about the Delta’s lagoons (km 14). From the Casa de Fusta we retrace our steps until arriving at the Mas de los Colmillos farmhouse (km 22.3). We pass the house and, with extreme caution, cross the TV-3408 road or the maritime canal to the area of l‘Enclusa, from where we can see the old navigation canal built by Carlos III to connect Ebro with La Badia dels Alfacs bay.

We return to Amposta, with the navigation canal (today, an irrigation canal) to our right. 3.6 km further on, we are forced to leave the canal and we carefully follow the road for about 600 m, taking us once again to the Amposta river walk (km 26.5) (300 m further on we gain access to the towpath - 20 km of bike lane that joins Amposta with the Migjorn river). From here we return to the Amposta Tourist Information centre, situated 900 m away, for a total journey length of 27.4 km. This route is comprised of roads (20%), rural paths (52%) and bike lanes (28%). Tarmac (67%), dirt (33%).

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PN Delta de l'Ebre
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Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre
Source: [1] Wikiloc. Autors: Generalitat de Catalunya [2] Palau Robert i Vicent Carrillo