Ruta Desembocadura de l'Ebre - Garxal - Riumar


Ruta Desembocadura de l'Ebre - Garxal - Riumar

6,9Km - 9,8Km

We start the route at the Muntell de les Verges (km 0). Leaving it on the right, we continue for 200 m until arriving at a crossing. We turn right towards the Ebro river and start the Garxal cycle route (km 0.3). We keep on the left of the Ebro, until we get to two observation decks. The second, the “Zigurat” (km 1.2), made from a spectacular wooden platform, allows us to contemplate the horizon and the Ebro estuary, with exceptional views of the river, the island of Sant Antoni, the island of Buda, El Garxal, the coastal area of the Delta and, depending on the day, the coastline all the way up to the Cabo de Salou [Cape of Salou].

Once past Zigurat, the route continues left, leaving the river behind us and the lighthouse to the left, following the dirt track bike lane parallel to the Balsa de Garxal lagoon. El Garxal, comprised of 280 ha, is the most recently formed lagoon in the Delta. It is made up of small islands in the shape of a half moon. During the whole journey you can observe the different ecosystems that surround it, chiefly sand dunes, salt pans and reed beds which are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. Make the most of the two fauna observation decks along the route (km 1.6 and km 2.3) to observe the fauna present in the lagoon. From the second observation deck we continue ahead for 400 m arriving at the promenade of the residential area called Riumar (km 2.7). We continue straight ahead until the end of the promenade (km 3.8), where we turn left (you will see that the ground is painted red with a bicycle symbol) and continue for 500 m along Carrer Polla d’Aigua (pay attention to which part of the road is marked for bicycles). At the end of the street is a small junction-roundabout with a eucalyptus tree in the middle (km 4.3).

We turn right and keep going along a dirt track for 350 m. Attention: Here we will pass below some pine trees (km 4.7) and then we must take a sudden sharp left along another dirt track to return to Muntell. We keep going along the dirt track. 500 m further on, we shall see the rice fields to our right and after 400 m we arrive at a crossing with the T-340 road that goes to Riumar (km 5.6). Cross it carefully and keep going for 700 m until arriving at the Deltebre river port (km 6.3). Go around the port and 600 m further on we will arrive at our starting point, El Muntell de les Verges, with a total journey length of 6.9 km. Long distance option. When we arrive at the area filled with pine trees (km 4.7), instead of taking a sharp turn to the left, we go straight ahead along the dirt track (surrounded by rice fields) for 2 km until meeting the T-340 road that connects Deltebre with the estuary (km 6.7). We cross the road carefully and take the bike lane that is separated from the path directly to the river 1.6 km further on. Once the Ebro is on our right, keep following it for 1.5 km until arriving at El Muntell de les Verges, making a total journey length of 9.8 km.

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PN Delta de l'Ebre
Baix Ebre
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Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre
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