Ruta Ecomuseu - Desembocadura de l'Ebre


Ruta Ecomuseu - Desembocadura de l'Ebre


We start the route at the Eco-Museum. Leaving it to the right, we continue for 100 m as far as Carrer Girona. Here we turn to the left and continue along the same street for 400 m until arriving at a “Stop” sign. We cross the street and continue straight ahead for another 400 m until arriving at another crossing, where we turn left (look out for the Caminos Naturales [Natural Path] sign: Ebro GR 99, which will accompany us for part of the journey). We continue along Carrer Riu Ebre (with a little canal and some small allotments to our right) until finally arriving at a “Ceda el Paso” [give way] sign. We turn left (notice the huge eucalyptus trees) on to Avinguda Generalitat, before shortly arriving at Passeig Reinosa. We continue ahead (see the llagut [skiff] situated in the Deltebre Nautical Club) until linking with the beginning of the riverside walk. We enjoy the presence of the Ebro, observing an old military machine gun post and enjoying the first rest area on the itinerary.

When the riverside walk finishes, we are at the roundabout on the Deltebre-Riumar road. We go straight over it, taking care with the traffic, before arriving at the Canal de l’Esquerra de l’Ebre (concrete). In spite of seeing the GR 99 sign, we continue straight ahead along a dirt track, with the Toll dike on the left hand side. After 1 km we meet the Toll tarmac footpath. We turn right and continue straight ahead for 2.2 km until the Toll footpath finishes. Here, we turn left in search of the lookout point and the Canal Vell water basin (look out for the signs) situated 1.2 km away.

To access the lookout point, go behind a private piece of land (look out for the signs). Once we get to the lookout point we can enjoy a well deserved rest and observe the birds present in the basin. We retrace our steps and return once again to the path we were on earlier, before taking a diversion towards the lookout point. We head left and after around 800 m we cross the Desaguás del Penal canal drain. At this point we turn right (leaving behind a palm tree plantation) and continue straight for 180 m, where we then branch off to the left crossing a canal and its lock-gate and continuing in the direction of the Balsa de Arena beach.

1.5 km further on, we are forced to head left where we will see the Mediterranean in the background and the aforementioned beach. We keep going 1.1 km farther down, we turn right along a sandy path that takes us to Sosar de Nen Perdut. We continue along this straight path for 1.2 km, as far as the town of Riumar. We turn left in search of Riumar’s maritime promenade and continue, with the beach and the Mediterranean to our left, before arriving at the start of the Garxal bike lane.

We go along a sandy path, until arriving at the lookout point situated 400 m away, where we can observe the fauna present in the Garxal lagoon. We keep going as far as the lighthouse, situated 1.1 km away from the lookout point. We meet up with the Ebro once again as it moves along the last stretch before joining the Mediterranean Sea. We follow the Ebro against the current, leaving it on our left and continue straight ahead along a tarmac path for 1.1 km, up to the point where we branch off to the left in search of the Muntell de les Verges, measuring 4 m high, and from where we can make out the island of Buda.

We keep going along the riverbank until arriving at the Deltebre river port. We continue along the Ebro riverbank before arriving at the boats, where the Natural Path bike lane starts: Ebro GR 99, taking us to Deltebre once again. This bike lane runs parallel to the Deltebre to Riumar road. We can take our last break at the Pont dels Moros picnic area. (Take care when crossing the road!). We follow along the GR 99 by the side of the canal to the roundabout leading to the Deltebre town centre. We cross the roundabout with caution and continue along the river walk. Here, we return towards the Eco-Museum, situated 4.3 km away, following the same route as we did on the way out (River walk, Passeig Reinosa, Avinguda Generalitat, Carrer Riu Ebre and Carrer Girona), before arriving at the departure point after completing a total of 32 km. This route is made up of rural paths (70%) and bicycle lanes (30%). In spite of the low volume of vehicles, you must pay close attention at all of the junctions.

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PN Delta de l'Ebre
Baix Ebre
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Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre
Source: [1] Wikiloc. Autor: francescxbs