Ruta fluvial Les Cinc Illes


Ruta fluvial Les Cinc Illes

12,00Km - 13,50Km
2:24:00h – 2:42:00h

This is a good example of a natural river system and nowadays, one can observe the results of river geodynamics over time. We can also observe the extraordinary richness of the riparian vegetation, with good sections filled with poplar tree groves and fine tamarisk trees.

They represent geographically isolated biotopes with a great variety of different environments and riparian vegetation, as well as constant water currents. They allow fauna of notable interest to seek refuge here, particularly rare birds that are very difficult to find in other areas. They are also places of great importance during the periods of breeding and migration.

Even though we have less than a whole day in Tortosa, the thousand-year old capital of the Ebro region, we can still visit and contemplate some of the monumental jewels that the city conceals: A cathedral, palaces and mansions, paintings, altarpieces, chapels, convents, cloisters, churches, markets, entrance halls and gardens.

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