Ruta fluvial L'Illa de Buda


Ruta fluvial L'Illa de Buda


Here the water is prone to sudden changes in its characteristics. Therefore, suitable experience and, according to the season, a good dose of caution is required for canoeing and kayaking on the Ebro Delta. We move from a grand yet sleepy Ebro, to a ferocious Mediterranean whose playful waves put our abilities to the test. A sea of virgin beaches that help us disconnect from humanity and transport us to a world of birds in which we feel strange and foreign. Guilty of disrupting the peace, we are discordant elements amidst the wisdom of nature.

We wake up from our dream and observe the man-made constructions that break up the horizon. We head back to tranquility and return to the river through a long and narrow gorge that is nevertheless calm, serene and very beautiful. Attention: Route for experienced navigators. Before departing always consult weather forecasts and the state of the sea.

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PN Delta de l'Ebre
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