Ruta fluvial Lo Pont del Llaguter


Ruta fluvial Lo Pont del Llaguter


It sits in the middle of nature, at the exit of the Barranc del Catxorro ravine, close to the island of Cataula. Surrounded by the rich vegetation of the riparian forest and the most tranquil and relaxing water that you can imagine. Due to an absence of current, you can be in control of every single manoeuvre of your boat across the water. With ease you’ll start to learn all of the basic movements and before long you’ll know how easy this relaxing and charming activity is.

You’ll cruise up to the islands of Nap and Cataula on the way to the Barranc de Catxorro ravine, before navigating under the watchful gaze of the Llaguter bridge. Then continuing to glide along the Ebro to the island of Benifallet before arriving at the village’s quay. The Llaguter bridge is dedicated to the skiff boatmen (“llaguters” in Catalan) who have now disappeared, but are forever alive in our memories.

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